Why Your Business Shouldn’t Cross-Post Social Content

Cross-posting is the practice of posting the same content across multiple social networks at the same time. Such as posting an Instagram photo onto your Facebook and Twitter feeds directly from the Instagram app. While it can be a great time saver, done incorrectly it can do a large amount of damage to your social media presence.

Primarily cross-posting can give your audience the impression that you don’t know how social media works or even worse, that you’re just lazy and unprofessional.

Each platform has its own restrictions and limitations. For example, image dimensions are different for each social media platform, twitter images post at a ratio of 2:1 while Facebook is usually 1.9:1 and Instagram is a square 1:1 (be aware these can change on a regular basis.).

On top of network limitations and restrictions, there is also the issue of how your audience interacts with your content on each platform. For example, the way that people respond to you on Twitter is vastly different to the way interactions occur on Facebook.

So what can you do to really maximise the engagement of content from other platforms across your entire online presence? The answer is taking time to tailor your content for each platform that you talk to your audience on, and formatting it in a way that makes sense on that platform.

For example, you can take an Instagram photo and post it to Twitter, but re-word the caption, and avoid overstuffing the tweet with hashtags. Or you could post the image to Facebook alongside content that suggests the audience take an action or leave a comment. Tailoring your content for each platform can really ramp up the engagement that your content receives and overall presents an appearance of professionalism and competence.

Taking the time to really think about how your audience will respond to the content you post will certainly help make your social media presence much more effective.

Still not sure how you can effectively maximise engagement on your content across all of your business’s social media accounts? We’d be more than happy to help. We’re experts in maximising reach and audience engagement. Come chat with us today, about how our fully managed social media management packages could be right for your business.